Body Components

  • Hood Pin Kit

    Hood Pin Kit

    Hood pin kit comes with 2 hood pins, 2 torsion clips, 2 scuff plates, and 4 jam nuts. Pins are 4" long and 1/2-20 fine thread. The thread goes from bottom up 2-1/2".  Hole in pin in 3-1/4" from bottom. Scuff plate O.D. is 2-1/4". Center hole is 1/2"...

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  • All the colors available for the access panel. Black panel with accessories that come with the panel to install it.

    Plastic Access Panel 6" x 6"

    Plastic Access Panel Many colors available 6"x 6" Opening 8" x 8" Overall Hinge is very durable, have tested them 1,000s of opens without a failure No more messing around with the hinges because these are built into the panel. Simple and easy to install...

    $10.00 - $15.00
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